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Motorcycle Alarms

Anyone who has had a motorcycle stolen knows how shocking and frustrating it is to walk towards the space where you had parked it and realise it is gone.  It is a sinking feeling that no statistics can express especially if you have a genuine emotional attachment to your vehicle which is often the case with motorcycles.  (

It is because of this that the team at LA Distribution are pleased to welcome the latest Cobra Spyball Motorcycle Security to our range of products.

Features & Benefits:

Movement Sensor: Protects motorcycle by controlling movement over 360 degrees.
Automatic Arming & Immobilisation of motorcycle.
Perimetric Protection: Seat, panniers and alarm unit protected.
Ignition Lock Tamper Protection: Panic and Anti-Hijack functions.

Compact unit size makes the system suitable for any make and model of motorcycle.

Benefits of a spyball (from Iain, our Trade Sales Manager)

With a spyball alarm you can do away with a big, heavy U-lock (and the possibility of forgetting/losing the key) as the alarm is perimetrically activated. As soon as you walk away from your bike, the system arms itself giving full immobilisation and an ear splitting alarm tone if the bike is in any way tampered with… An overall really great product to have.


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